Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Colorado breweries and beer pubs prepare for DNC

It seems rather silly for the Democratic Party to even hold a convention, since they already know who their candidate will be. But they can't resist holding a taxpayer-funded party anyway. At least the local breweries in and around Denver are getting a piece of the action:

  • Great Divide Welcomes the DNC - Gets Liberally Hopped

  • Avery Rolls Out - "Ale to the Chief"

  • Breckenridge Brewery to help transform Pepsi Center Eatery

  • Russian River Debuts Brews at Falling Rock Tap House

  • Coors to donate bio-fuel and provide beer for the DNC

  • Wynkoop will be offering up a special "Obamanator" Maibock

Read the whole story at The Colorado Beer Examiner.


Anonymous said...

hey jack ass a convention is not about picking a canidate, but endorsing one you republican dumb ass.

Richard Stueven said...

So they need to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to "endorse" the person that they already know will be their candidate?

And the same goes for Republicans. Both parties are greedy pigs, interested in nothing more than feeding at the public trough.