Thursday, June 12, 2008

Eighth grader finds 100 year old beer

It's a fantastic historical artifact, but I'm not sure I'd open the bottle.

Collin [Lindsey], an eighth-grader at Legacy Middle School, spent a day washing and handling artifacts at the University of Texas at San Antonio's Center for Archaeological Research and became so taken with an old, corked bottle found at the River Walk extension project that he went home, did some research and came back with a theory: The yellow liquid sloshing inside was likely century-old beer, brewed by a predecessor to the Lone Star Brewing Co.

Because archaeologists can't be sure it's beer, hazardous materials experts must open the bottle, [UTSA archaeologist Jon] Dowling said. Once opened, they can send a sample to Lone Star or another brewery to be tested in a lab.

Read the whole story at KVUE.

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choo said...

>> but I'm not sure I'd open the bottle. <<

i'ts beer,

right ?