Monday, October 5, 2009

Muggy Monday

It's hot and it's humid and it's raining here in New Orleans today. Not that that will stop me from finding more beer.

I left the hotel at 10:45 and got to Crescent City Brewhouse at find that they open at noon.

So I walked along the riverside to kill some time.

The former Jackson Brewery, New Orleans

I took a river cruise on the Natchez during my first visit to New Orleans, twenty-odd years ago.

And after a short while, I found myself at Gordon Biersch.

Gordon Biersch, New Orleans

Gordon Biersch Golden Export

Gordon Biersch Hefeweizen

Gordon Biersch Czech Lager

Gordon Biersch Märzen

Gordon Biersch Schwarzbier

Gordon Biersch Festbier

A couple of hours and a short walk later, I was back at Crescent City Brewhouse.

Crescent City Brewhouse, New Orleans

Crescent City Pilsner

Crescent City Red Stallion

Crescent City Weiss Bier

Crescent City Black Forest

Crescent City Unfiltered Oktoberfest

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