Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rock Art's Vermonster

I don't know if it will have any real effect, but show your support for a small American brewery by clicking on this link to sign this petition.

This is for all people who support Rock Art in their fight against Hansen Beverage, owners of Monster Energy Drink. Recently, Monster has told Rock Art to “cease and desist” their production of Vermonster, a 10% barleywine because they fear that there could be confusion between this beer and their energy drink. The labels bare no resemblance to each other, one is a beer and one is an energy drink. The only similarity is the “Vermonster” vs “monster” part of the name.

Please help support a small brewery in VT that is up against a giant corporation. It’s not about fighting for the name, “This is a fight about principles, and to tell corporate America that our justice system is not for sale. We, the people, hold the power, and we have the tools to combat your deep pockets.” - Matt Nadeau, Owner of Rock Art Brewery LLC.


Chase said...

Now, perhaps I'm mistaken, but I'm pretty sure that Monster is produced in the same building as beer from the Cold Spring Brewery (formerly Gluek Brewery) in Cold Spring, MN.

When I was there about two years ago, I remember they were canning up some sort of energy drink, and I'm pretty sure it was monster...

Just a little tidbit, I guess.

Richard Stueven said...

It wouldn't surprise me; Cold Spring makes lots of different products, malt-based and otherwise. This particular energy drink isn't listed on their web site, but neither are all of the contract beers they brew.

Richard Stueven said...

According to Rock Art's website, the nightmare is over, and the Vermonster has prevailed! Rock Art and Hansen Beverage signed an agreement that allows Rock Art to continue brewing and selling their Vermonster beer.