Friday, October 30, 2009

Tram Co (or not)

Yesterday: Howth

Since we didn't manage to visit Tram Co on Monday, I thought I'd give it a try today. I got off the Luas at Cowper and walked by Slattery's, since I forgot to take a picture on Monday.

Slattery's Bar, 217 Lower Rathmines Street, Dublin

Continuing down Rathmines, I soon came across Tram Co. It was just as closed at noon today as it was at 7:00pm Monday. I couldn't find anything on their door that said when they might in fact be open.

Tram Co, 121 Lower Rathmines Road, Dublin

Continuing in the same direction, I passed Anseo. Locked up tight, no hours posted. Ditto for Solas on Wexford Street.

I knew the Bull & Castle wouldn't open until 12:30, so I walked past it and around the corner to Temple Bar, where I found the Porterhouse open. After that three-mile walk, I was ready to pass some time with a couple of Oyster Stouts.

Porterhouse Temple Bar, 16-18 Parliament Street, Dublin

Thus refreshed, I went back up to the Bull & Castle to get through the rest of their Irish beer selection. And a bowl of lamb stew. As for my long beerless walk, bartender Declan explained that the bars don't open until afternoon because, unlike the English, the Irish don't do their drinking at lunch, preferring instead to make up for it after work. That means I can get a later start tomorrow.

Carlow Curim Gold

Harp Macardles

Árainn Mhór Rua

The next one turned out to be Beer #8000, and Declan meant it to be a special treat. Carlow leann folláin is a rich, creamy Irish Foreign Stout. I could tell there was a magnificent beer in there somewhere, but unfortunately, this bottle had seen better days.

Carlow leann folláin

Tomorrow: Last day in Dublin

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