Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Escape artist emerges from 240-litre tank of beer

I heard he got out three times to pee.

Dean Gunnarson risked drowning a lot more than his sorrows Saturday night.

The world-renowned escape artist was handcuffed and locked in a 240-litre metal drum filled with beer before fans at a bar in his hometown, as part of a fundraising event for local food banks.

The drum spilled over with beer as Gunnarson was immersed in it by helpers. The lid was then chained shut with a combination lock, and a fist-sized hole in the lid was his only route out.

With an emcee working up the crowd and counting the seconds as they passed, the drum started shaking. After two minutes, a hand popped out of the hole in the lid and started frantically working the combination lock. Some 35 seconds later, Gunnarson undid the lock and pushed the lid open.

Read the whole story and watch the video at The Toronto Star.

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