Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On the potential presence of beer or beer-like liquids in or resulting from volcanic emanations

It's an amusing hypothesis, worthy of an Ig Nobel nomination.

Given this “witches brew,” if you will, of simple organic compounds both in volcanic emanations themselves and in the waters surrounding volcanoes, it is far from unlikely that some beer-like compounds were formed over the course of geologic time at some ideal environment of formation, perhaps a fresh-water lake located at the base of an erupting volcano located in a convergent plate tectonic boundary. While evidence for such volcanic or near-volcano emanations has not yet been observed today, that may simply reflect our not looking for it, or, perhaps, that under current environmental conditions, such beer-like compounds may disappear before they can be detected. [...] With this in mind, the presence of beer or beer-like compounds in volcanoes or in the environments surrounding them on Earth cannot be discounted.

Read Sanford Kaplan's entire one-page paper at The Science Creative Quarterly.

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