Monday, October 23, 2006

Designated drunk: Can you get intoxicated without actually drinking alcohol?

Cecil Adams recently answered this question:

Recently, a safety poster at work published the following information: "Myth: People who abstain from alcohol are alcohol-free, and can't be arrested for DUI. Fact: False. People continuously produce alcohol inside their own bodies, a process called endogenous ethanol production. In some cases, enough alcohol can be produced to lead to intoxication." What?! You mean even if I'm the designated driver, I'm still running the risk of getting a DUI? Help me out, Cecil; I'm considering going back to my skateboard to avoid a bio-induced drunk-driving accident. —Jerrod, Augusta, Georgia

The short answer is "yes, there is such a thing as endogenous ethanol production". Read the full answer here.


Whitney said...

I think your blog is really cool, i dont really know if it is all that true, i mean i am no expert, but it is really interesting with what you have presented

Richard Stueven said...


As long as it helps you find a beer, that's all that matters.

have fun

Anonymous said...

It looks like after you left being brewmaster at Sconies, the company went out of business. Too bad.
Anyway, I am glad to see you are still keeping this site up. I assume yopu are still brewing somewhere.
Wayne Gifford

Richard Stueven said...

Hey Wayne!

You're right, 'Sconnie didn't last too long after I left. Robert Wilber, an accomplished German brewmaster, took my place, but the business was in so much trouble by then that he didn't really have a chance.

Now I'm brewing at Gottberg Brew Pub in Columbus, Nebraska. I've got nine or ten beers on tap all the time, and the brewery's attached to a really nice restaurant. Plus it's just an hour's drive from where I grew up, so I can go see the family once in a while.

Good to hear from you...come down and have a beer some time!

have fun

P.S. Last I heard, Robert Wilber was opening up a German-themed brewpub in Menomonie called Das Bierhaus.