Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Yesterday: Konstanz

The DB-agent noticed that I was heading for Max & Moritz near Kressbronn am Bodensee and said their beer is wunderbar. The brewery is a two-kilometer uphill hike from the Bahnhof, past hop fields, apple orchards, and a beer can collection displayed in front of a house at Bergerstraße 3.

Hop field near Kressbronn

Internationale Bierseminare, Dr. R. Kugel

By the time I got to the top of the hill, I was definitely ready for some wunderbar beer, and I found it here in the form of their Kellerpils. Had fun talking with Andi the brewer, who gave me a great tour, tastes from the lagering tanks, and a four-pack of his Spezial, which I carried back to Konstanz so Paris could have some. Also a great Brotzeit to soak up the beer.

Gasthaus-Brauerei Max & Moritz

It was another long walk back down the hill (but not as long as the walk up), and a long wait for the bus to Tettnang. I walked round and round the Bärenplatz looking for Brauerei & Gasthof zur Krone, only to finally find Montag Ruhetag posted on their door. Had an even longer wait for a bus to Ravensburg.

There are plenty of signs that Tettnang is a major hop-growing and -processing center.


I noticed a Gasthaus-Brauerei near Ravensburg Marienplatz — no time to stop now, but I found that it's on my list for later this week. Couldn't find a beer at Ravensburg Bahnhof. Took trains from Ravensburg to Radolfzell to Konstanz and got back just in time for dinner at the Italian restaurant Pinocchio, where we enjoyed Stuttgarter Hofbräu Herren Pils and Malteser Hefeweizen.

Tomorrow: Ravensburg, and not Tettnang

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