Monday, October 16, 2006

The trip to the Bodensee ends: Zürich-Amsterdam-St.Paul-Omaha-Columbus

Yesterday: Frauenfeld-Zürich

We got breakfast at the Zürich airport after I checked in for my 9:30 flight, then Paris caught a train back to Konstanz. Everything ran on time, and I easily made my connection in Amsterdam. It's an 8¼-hour flight to Minneapolis-St.Paul. A couple of free cans of Heineken helped me nap a bit. The Atlantic Ocean was mostly clouded over, but I did get a spectacular view of the southern coast of Greenland halfway through the flight.

We landed at MSP just about on schedule. I was at the back of the bus, so to speak, and with plenty of time to wait before I could get out of my seat and stand up in the aisle, I figured it would be a good time to clean my glasses. Snap! Busted the frame right in half. I got some funny looks from the Customs and Immigration agents as I held one lens up to my eye in order to read the signs. I tracked down the gate for my flight to Omaha and asked the gate agent if he had any tape I could use for repairs. He didn't, but he offered a knuckle Band-Aid that did the trick.

Got to Omaha without incident. Ditto for the 1½-hour drive home; I arrived around 8:30pm, and the cats rejoiced. I too rejoiced upon finding a bottle of Duvel in the refrigerator.

And so it ends.

I've created a Google Earth file that traces this trip. If you've got Google Earth installed, you can look at the map here. I recommend that you view that map in conjunction with my Worldwide Brewery Map.

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