Thursday, October 12, 2006


Yesterday: Ravensburg, and not Tettnang

CHF 68,00 for a one-way train ticket to Wädenswil! This is going to be an expensive day. Thick fog. No scenery. Hard to stay awake. The WC in Zürich Hauptbahnhof wanted CHF 1,00 to take a leak, and I didn't have any change. Couldn't find the WC at Wädenswil Bahnhof. Fortunately it's right by the door at Wädi-Bräu-Huus.


Noticed something here that you don't see in the States: traffic here comes to a screeching halt for a pedestrian waiting at a crosswalk.

Missed my train by five minutes...the next one is only twenty minutes from now. Some Alps are finally starting to poke out of the fog.

The Hotel Speer is immediately across the street from Rapperswil Bahnhof. The Back & Brau brewpub, formerly located here, closed a year ago. Fortunately, there's a train going at least part of the way to Konstanz in 40 minutes.

Apparently the machine sold me a half-price kid's ticket, so the conductor took CHF 15,00 from me on top of the CHF 17,00 I had already paid. And I'm not sure why this train is called the Voralpen Express. We're stopping at every little town we come across.

Tomorrow: Lustenau-Arbon

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