Thursday, May 25, 2006

How can they can?

Ever wonder how they get beer into the cans? Cecil Adams clears up the mystery in this classic Straight Dope column. I'd post an excerpt, but it's best if you read the entire article.

Thursday, May 4, 2006

North Carolina Craft Beer Podcast

John Yenne sends this notice:


I wanted to introduce your beer aficionados to a new
regional podcast on craft beer being produced in the
mountains of North Carolina. Asheville Citizen-Times
columnist Tony Kiss has been a fixture on the local
microbrewery scene for years, and has just extended
his Beer Guy column to a weekly podcast on
It’s listed in i-Tunes and you can also follow it by
going to

Tony is available for interviews if you’re interested.

John Yenne
New Media Director

Brooklyn Brewery Podcast Interview

Gregory Galant interviews Steve Hindy of Brooklyn Brewery:

Being robbed at gun point and being threatened by the mob are not problems the average entrepreneur encounters. Steve Hindy faced these problems and more, but what concerned him most was the fate of his brewery. Steve started the Brooklyn Brewery with Tom Potter. Steve was a journalist and foreign correspondent. Tom was a banker. Neither knew a thing about starting, much less running, a brewery. With grit and determination, they stared down bankruptcy and made it work. In 2003, they sold their beer distributorship for about $10 million. Now Steve’s focused on the brewery (which is doing about $12 million in revenue and has become a global brand) and on the community.

Read and listen to the entire interview here.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Czech scientists working on beer for menopause

Those health-obsessed Czechs are at it again:

Prague - Women struggling with the discomforts of menopause may soon find relief in a cold glass of beer.

Experts in the Czech Republic are working on a beer specifically brewed for women experiencing hot flashes, troubling sleeping and other woes during this phase.

Read the entire article here.

Back Again...

...from Green Bay this time. We spent the weekend judging at the Titletown Open homebrew contest. Thanks to the brewers for all their terrific beers, and to Eric Watson and Titletown Brewing Company for their hospitality!

And now, back to pounding the keyboard. There are dozens and dozens of brewery updates in the queue, and I haven't even finished typing up my notes from Seattle yet.