Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rochefort Brewery Damaged By Fire

Bad news from Belgium:

Yesterday evening there [was] a great fire in the abbey of Rochefort which [was] a big disaster. The church was saved as [well as] the Bibliothèque and the rooms of the monks, but the brewery and stables are completely destroyed. The fire started in the warm reserve places. All the new material is destroyed. There are no victims or injured persons.

You can find more details and links at The Brookston Beer Bulletin.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Expired: another update

Expired: another update. Thanks to Chad at RealBranding, it looks like is back on the air!

Expired: Update

I just got off the phone with a technical rep at RealBranding; he's actively working on getting the domain renewed. Watch this space for further news.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Apparently, the domain expired last Thursday. Renewal efforts are in progress. Thanks for your patience and support.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Beer Me! Party at Nebraska Brewing Company

The good folks at Nebraska Brewing Company were all set to dump a barrel of beer that had turned undrinkable. They even asked me to do the honors at the dumping party, scheduled for this Thursday, December 16.

But miracles do happen:

2 months ago, this beer totally sucked ass. It was the 3rd time we'd tasted this beer over its time in the barrel and we'd resigned ourselves to dumping this poor little experiment.

Fast forward to Friday... As we're emptying barrels for the Melange & Saison bottling, it came time to get the experiment from the oak barrel and into a keg for our little dumping party.

Moments prior to emptying, Tyson decided to taste it one last time - and get our final, personal laughs prior to execution.

As he raised an eyebrow and handed me the glass - it actually smelled pretty freakin' cool.
He had a smile on his face as I tasted it and remarked that this was a damn good beer...

So we kinda learned a few lessons here. First, don't rush things (it's now 8 months I think). Second, the maturation curve for barrel aged beer differs greatly from new oak through other variants. And maybe lastly, Vinnie said listen to your beer - it will tell you when it's ready.

This one was pretty tight lipped.
So they're still going to have a party on Thursday — tapping their new Chilli Vanilli Cask Smoked Porter with Ancho Chili and Mexican Vanilla Beans — and I'll still be there, but the only beer I'll be dumping will be going from my glass down my esophagus. Come down to Papillion and have a beer with me; I'll be at the bar around 6pm.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

November 2010

Hooray...I'm only eight days behind! I've finally caught up with November's batch of site updates.

Thanks to all who have contributed; keep those updates flowing in!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Weak Draft Beer Found At Several Local Venues

The implication here is that the sporting venues are somehow watering down their draft beer, although I'm not sure how they'd accomplish that. I would be interested to see more details from the lab regarding the analysis, and from the reporter regarding his sampling methods.

Label ABVTested ABV
Turner Field
Bud Light4.23.9
Samuel Adams Boston Lager4.84.4
Gwinnett Arena
Yuengling Lager4.43.1
Widmer Pale Ale5.03.2
Verizon Amphitheater
Bud Light4.22.9
Philips Arena
Molson Ice5.63.2
Miller Lite4.23.1
Bud Light4.23.1
Coors Light4.22.9

(Note that federal rules allow a ±0.3% variance between the label ABV and the actual ABV.)

The venues blame their concessionaires, the concessionaires blame the brewers, and the brewers say there's nothing wrong with their beer. The brewers' claim seems reasonable, since the reporter also bought beer at a local liquor store, and those beers' ABVs tested in agreement with their label. On the other hand, instead of testing bottled beer, the reporter probably should have tested draft beer dispensed from a local bar(s).

Read the whole story at WSB Atlanta.