Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Weak Draft Beer Found At Several Local Venues

The implication here is that the sporting venues are somehow watering down their draft beer, although I'm not sure how they'd accomplish that. I would be interested to see more details from the lab regarding the analysis, and from the reporter regarding his sampling methods.

Label ABVTested ABV
Turner Field
Bud Light4.23.9
Samuel Adams Boston Lager4.84.4
Gwinnett Arena
Yuengling Lager4.43.1
Widmer Pale Ale5.03.2
Verizon Amphitheater
Bud Light4.22.9
Philips Arena
Molson Ice5.63.2
Miller Lite4.23.1
Bud Light4.23.1
Coors Light4.22.9

(Note that federal rules allow a ±0.3% variance between the label ABV and the actual ABV.)

The venues blame their concessionaires, the concessionaires blame the brewers, and the brewers say there's nothing wrong with their beer. The brewers' claim seems reasonable, since the reporter also bought beer at a local liquor store, and those beers' ABVs tested in agreement with their label. On the other hand, instead of testing bottled beer, the reporter probably should have tested draft beer dispensed from a local bar(s).

Read the whole story at WSB Atlanta.

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