Friday, September 24, 2010

Uber Dispensing Company Multi-Spout Beer Tap

According to David Pollak at the San Jose Mercury News, Cornell-educated Sharks defenseman Douglas Murray had a hand in inventing this nifty device that allows up to three beers to be poured from the same keg simultaneously.

The Ubertap

Learn more at the Uber Dispensing Company.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Oktoberfest - the beer

There are only six breweries serving beer at Oktoberfest, and they're all Munich breweries:

If some Beck's representatives showed up one day and asked to set up a little stall at the entrance, they'd be condemned according to ancient law without trial and taken to a Munich prison, where they'd have to share a cell with a frisky wild Bavarian boar that had been captured in the forest “within the last month.”

Get all the details at The Local.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Žatec Hop Harvest Festival 2010

Thanks to enthusiastic Beer Me! contributor Libor "CzechBeerMan" Vojáček for a look at this year's Hop Harvest Festival in Žatec (Saaz), Bohemia.

My dear beer friends ,

From Friday to yesterday, the Hop Harvest Festival 2010 in Zatec (Saaz) City , north-west Bohemia, Czech republic,
took place . Sure .. I was there and I am bringing now some pictures to you. Everybody knows Zatec ! Right ?
It is hop capital of the world .... no disscusion about ... haha. VITEJ V ZATCI (Welcome in Zatec in czech) .. This year over pictures ... next year I wanna see you there personaly , ... I will guide you ! Remember ....
More about Zatec --- . more about festival ... more about Zatec´s hop
traditions and companies .... (in english too ... in czech Hop is Chmel !!) ... ot click on ... and read about Our Proud Tradition ! Thanks ....

With best regards


alias CzechBeerMan

Expert in "beerology"

beer promoter , reporter and taster (worldwide beer memmorables divided to sections ) (my own collection - beers I drunk myself !)

Postal address : (mr) Libor VOJACEK, Litomericka 8 , CZ - 415 01 Teplice , Czech republic (Europe)

tel: 00420 723 418 233 (mobile)

Skype name : czechbeerman

.... and beer odyssey just begins !

welcome on Hop Harvest Festival 2010 in Zatec City

small hop plant on main square - hop is given free to visitors !

Zatec Brewery front

Little America in Zatec -.... hahaha - my kids on left side

vaults around Zatec´s main square

Cerna Hora Brewery nstand from back side

beer souveniers

beer cosmetics on sale

Krusovice Brewery stand (morning)

main tent of Zatec Brewery - the sing says - The Lager from Region wher Beer is Home !! (true)

main stage

Fredinand Brewery wagon

good stock ready

ZAtec City free booklet

Hop Harvest Festival in Zatec 2010

view on main square

Rebel Brewery van

hop. hop. hop .....

just Zatec

my Chyse Microbrewery unfiltered beer.

beer everywhere - you are in ZAtec !! In Czech republic !!!

Hello from Zatec ... getting a bit hungry.

Bakalar Brewery tap

cleaning company will have lot of work ....

Czech Beer Man

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ancient Brew Masters Tapped Antibiotic Secrets

More evidence that beer is good for you.

A chemical analysis of the bones of ancient Nubians shows that they were regularly consuming tetracycline, most likely in their beer. The finding is the strongest evidence yet that the art of making antibiotics, which officially dates to the discovery of penicillin in 1928, was common practice nearly 2,000 years ago.

"We tend to associate drugs that cure diseases with modern medicine," Armelagos says. "But it's becoming increasingly clear that this prehistoric population was using empirical evidence to develop therapeutic agents. I have no doubt that they knew what they were doing."

It's interesting that modern pharmaceutical companies use genetically-engineered Saccharomyces yeast to produce their drugs.

Read the whole story at ScienceDaily.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beer Milkshakes? Our Top Seven Flavors

Dave Lister would approve. (Although none of these particular combinations sounds appetizing to me.)

7. Peak Organic Espresso Amber Ale with Vanilla Ice Cream

6. Sea Dog Raspberry Wheat Ale with Chocolate Ice Cream

5. Michelob Honey Lager and Orange Sherbet

4. Michelob Honey Lager and Vanilla Ice Cream

3. Shock Top Belgian White and Orange Sherbet

2. Shock Top Belgian White and Vanilla Ice Cream

1. Sea Dog Raspberry Wheat Ale with Vanilla Ice Cream

Pour yourself a Stout Float and read the tasting notes at the Broward Palm Beach New Times.

Synthetic corneas restore vision

Yeast: is there anything it can't do?

(Video from Reuters.)