Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Version 1.11.0 problems fixed

I've received reports of "Network error" messages when users searched for breweries using the app. I'm pretty sure this is fixed, and a new release won't be necessary. Let me know if it's working — or not — for you.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Beer Me!™ mobile for Android, version 1.11.0

I just uploaded the latest version — 1.11.0 — of Beer Me!™ mobile for Android. It should be available on Google Play by this evening.

Changes in 1.11.0
- Now you can actually try again when you see the "Network error, try again" message
- Clicking on a link in a Beer Note will take you to the appropriate screen in the app instead of to beerme.com
- The hardware Search button works again
- Brewery names are not included in map searches, resulting in more accurate results
- The Beer Detail screen displays more details about the beer
- Entering your own Beer Notes should be a little easier now
- And more...