Saturday, November 4, 2006

Services instead of Classifications

Throughout the fourteen-or-so years that Beer Me! has been on the Net, there has been some mild controversy over my classification of the various breweries. For example, Sierra Nevada brews some half-million barrels of beer every year, so they're a "Regional Brewery". But they have an on-site restaurant and pub, so they're a "Brewpub".

After lots of consideration, I've decided that those arbitrary distinctions don't matter. What does matter are the "services" you can expect when you visit the brewery. To that end, I'm now including these new icons with each brewery's listing:

  • Bar/Tasting RoomBar/Tasting Room

  • Beer GardenBeer Garden

  • RestaurantRestaurant

  • Retail ItemsRetail Items (Shirts, hats, glassware, etc.)

  • Hotel RoomsHotel Rooms

  • Beer To Go (Off-License)Beer To Go (Off-License sales, home delivery)

  • ToursTours

  • InternetInternet Access Available

I'm hoping this information makes the site more useful and less confusing. We'll see.

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