Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Deliver kegs, then fill some more

It's a real Root Beer Fest for the rest of the week. This morning, I took ten of the kegs that I filled yesterday to our wholesaler in Council Bluffs. They, along with our Norfolk wholesaler, were bought out by an Omaha company recently. With luck, I'll get to drive to Omaha instead of Council Bluffs from now on; our straight truck isn't licensed in Iowa, so I've been having to take the van.

Loaded up and ready to go

Lovely day for a drive

I got back to Columbus around 2:30 and started filling kegs for the Norfolk delivery: 20 half-barrels and 40 five-gallon kegs. I got the half-barrels filled along with 14 of the smaller cans, draining one seven-barrel tank and part of another one in the process. I dropped another seven barrels of root beer from upstairs into the empty tank; it should be carbonated by tomorrow, so I can fill the other 26 five-gallon kegs. With luck, I'll be able to make the delivery tomorrow, but more likely it'll be Friday.

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