Friday, January 11, 2008

My achin' back

Yesterday found me visiting the back doctor in Omaha for more follow-up. I had been getting trigger point injections, and along with physical therapy, I'd been getting good results. But lately I've hit a plateau, and while the pain is a lot better than it was four months ago, it's no longer improving. The doctor said that more trigger point injections aren't going to make much difference. The next step: botox injections. Botulinum toxin will block the nerve signals that are making the muscles spasm, thereby fixing the problem. He all but guaranteed success, so I gave him the go-ahead. It should happen in the next few weeks, I hope.

So today was my last physical therapy visit until after the botox adventure. At the brewery, I got an order from Norfolk asking for 20 half-barrels of root beer, so I filled as many as I could before the tanks ran dry. I refilled the tanks from the huge batches I made on Wednesday; I'll come in Sunday to fill the rest of the kegs.

I dumped out the flat keg of Uncle Ivan's Dunkelweizen and replaced it with a properly-carbonated half-barrel. I also dumped out the current keg of Propeller Amber Lager, which was tasting awfully lactic. The new keg tastes much better.


Anonymous said...

don't laugh
have you tried yoga?

remember when i was flat on the floor using your technologically advanced tv remote contol pole?

yoga was what helped with my back. hatha yoga.
and that tens unit -
but mostly it was the yoga

Richard Stueven said...

Anything yoga can do, beer can do better. Beer can do anything better than yoga.


Anonymous said...

good grief you are difficult! (no where near my assention of difficultness, but nonetheless)
but this time my friend, i win.
no argument that beer is Good - - -
yoga makes you slim and toned and not in pain
beer makes you fat and liquidy and not in pain for the moment.

you know, you don't have to wear tights to do yoga,
you can do it in regular clothes-
like sweats, eh?

or, you could do it nekkid

Richard Stueven said...

Bah. Better living through chemistry.