Thursday, March 13, 2008

Caught up

As of yesterday, I'm all caught up at the brewery. (I think.) Since I got back home on Sunday the 2nd, I...

  • brewed a batch of Stout, which I'll tap tomorrow

  • made two trips to the spine doctor on Omaha, one of which resulted in more Botox in my back

  • filled a bunch of kegs

  • had a great time at Crescent Moon's Bockfest

  • took Paris to the airport after drinking beers at Nebraska Brewing Company

  • cleaned the draft lines

  • cleaned a couple of bright beer tanks

  • brewed a batch of Pale Ale

  • made 14 barrels of root beer

  • did an interview with the local paper

  • transferred the Stout to a bright tank

  • delivered a keg of Empress of Darkness Imperial Porter to Crescent Moon

  • and picked up Paris at the airport.

Tomorrow, I'll fill more kegs and tap that new batch of Stout.

I'm going to try to brew a batch of Brown Ale next Tuesday, assuming I can get enough yeast out of the currently-fermenting Pale Ale.

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