Friday, June 13, 2008

Gottberg's been podcasted!

The crew invited me to Lincoln to record a new episode of their podcast, and so I did on a stormy Wednesday night. Safely ensconced in a bomb shelter under the house, we could barely hear the tornado sirens as we talked about all things beer and enjoyed six growlers of Stüvenbräu Maibock.

I'm not known as a particularly talkative person, but after we wrapped up at midnight they said that at two hours nine minutes, it was their longest show yet. Must have been the beer.

Listen to Episode 92 - Gotta Have Gottberg at!


Anonymous said...

egads . . . 2 hours and 9 minutes ?!?!?!
i've known you fer whot, 15?, 17?, 20? years, (holy crap time flies when yer not payin 'tention) and if we totalled up all the talks we've had - - - it's still only comes up to about an hour . . .

maybe if i poured beer all over myself i could get some attention, eh?

Richard Stueven said...

OK, a) you have my undivided attention at all times, and b) you and Luna and Poop get a mention toward the end of the show.