Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween Handfasting

It's been pretty quiet around the brewery — clean kegs, fill kegs, rack the odd beer — but rather exciting on the personal front. Paris and I got married on Halloween in a Wiccan handfasting ceremony at Max & Joe's Belgian Beer Tavern in Omaha. We decided to conduct the ceremony at a bar so as not to cut into anyone's drinking time. I don't have any still pictures yet, but here are some videos of the proceedings:

Down the "aisle" (0:47)

The ceremony (9:29)

The dance and the party (10:00)

I'll post the pictures when I get them. If you were there, Paris and I thank you for helping us have a great time! And thanks to Tom Dinwiddie (the tallest man in the room) for shooting the video.

I'm expecting some fresh Hefeweizen yeast later this week, so I'll probably brew again on Friday or maybe Tuesday.

Barnabas, our big buddy. 12/18/1989-11/5/2008

In memoriam


Anonymous said...

wow! nice ceremony!

who's that babe standing next to you in the rheaume sweater???

RiP, Barney -my life is betta having known you . . .

Richard Stueven said...

Yeah, she's hot eh? She's my Best Babe; I didn't have a Best Man. She kept saying something about lap dances, but I never got one. She also owes me a bachelor party. And don't mess with her when she gets a few beers in her.