Thursday, May 28, 2009

Two weeks notice

It's time to move on: I gave my notice to Gottberg yesterday. Paris and I bought a house in Omaha, aptly-named "The Porter House". My last day at the brewery will be Wednesday, June 10, and our first day in the new house will be Tuesday, June 30.

I'll still have to make a thousand gallons of root beer before I go, and I should probably brew another batch of Pale Ale, but that's about it. As for the 715 pounds of Weyermann Rauchmalz in the cellar...well, I do regret that I won't be brewing the Rauchdoppelbock that I had planned.

Once we get organized in Omaha, I'll build a new half-barrel homebrew system* and start making beer again. I'll keep the blog alive for that process; it's still "A Brewer's Life" after all.

As for a job, I don't have anything in the works. There are a few groups of people there that are thinking of building new breweries, and I can maybe consult for them at first, and brew for them if the situation is right. There are also rumors of expansions of existing breweries, but nothing very specific. In any case, there will be a lot more opportunities in Omaha than there are in Columbus.

*Does anyone out there remember the one I had at the Big Pink House in Oshkosh and/or in Clear Lake? And do you have pictures? I don't think I actually took any.


Nate B. said...

Are they going to continue to brew at Gottberg? Who/what are they going to do there?

Richard Stueven said...

No idea. I know they have some brewers' resumes, but it's not clear to me (nor is it really my business :) whether they're going to hire someone.

Nate B. said...

Interesting, I was really looking forward to coming out and seeing you with our brew club in the future.

I think omaha suits you better anyway.