Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beer raising money for oil spill relief is illegal in Alabama, Mississippi

More liquor-law stupidity.

One of the Gulf Coast's most famous breweries has crafted a new beer and promised to send a portion of the money earned on each bottle to oil spill relief efforts.

But Abita's Save Our Shores Charitable Pilsner won't be sold in two of the four states affected.
The beer is 7 percent alcohol, too potent to be sold in Mississippi, and it's served in a 22-ounce bottle that's too big under Alabama law.

"Because of a stupid, archaic, nonsensical restriction on container size, Alabamians are being prevented from taking part in a tasty way to help out the entire Gulf Coast."

Read the whole story at And if Abita's SOS beer is available in your state, buy it.

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