Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Biting the Hand That Feeds You

Here's the most idiotic statement I've seen in a long time:

These people claim to collect money for breast cancer awareness and research, but they're picky about where the money comes from? The same people who want breweries to pay for the "harm" they do won't take breweries' money to pay for that supposed harm? Their hypocrisy is demonstrated most clearly by this exchange:

But perhaps the most telling part of the interview was when the MSNBC reporter remarked that one alcohol company had donated $500,000 to breast cancer awareness causes and then she asked a simple, direct question of [Angela Wall of Breast Cancer Action]. “Do you think that money should be given back?” Wall hems and haws, but refuses to give a yes or no answer, indeed never really even addresses the question. Clearly, she’s not giving the money back. But the brewing industry, we’re the hypocrites?

Read Jay Brooks' proper and in-depth excoriation of these people at The Brookston Beer Bulletin.

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