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Photoreport from festival ALE FestivAle 2010 in Brewery Kocour (Tomcat) in Varnsdorf , north Bohemia, Czech republic

Czech correspondent Libor Vojáček traveled to a beer festival in Varnsdorf, Bohemia, a couple of weeks ago; here's his report:

Hello my dear beer friends,

On October 30 . 2010 (yesterday) in Brewery Kocour (Tomcat) in Varnsdorf City (north Bohemia, Usti n.L. region, Czech republic) took place beer festival ALE FestivAle 2010 . I am bringing you short photoreport . See attached. CzechBeerMan was (of course) there .. Event was a "child" of spiritual father of this brewery who
is mr.Jan Kocka (Cat) ... and I thank him very very much for that . If we have not such a people willing to do something, we have nothing at all. If there are not such a beer fanatics like like, nothing is coming up. So : Thanks Jan ! Festival took place inside of old ceramic tiles plant (it suppose to be soon bottle filling station of Kocour brewery) , but it could be taken outside as well ... it was beautiful , a bit windy, autumn (fall) sunny day. Starting at 11 AM , finishing about 8 PM. Event was dedicated to ALE beers (top fermented beers) so all exhibitors (breweries) cares not to "spoil party" by seling lager ... haha. Ales, stouts, wheats , all those beers were on sale . Some ales were really really delicious. As those from Trebonicky rukodelny pivovar (Trebonice Handcrafted Brewery ) and their 14° Otmar or 15° Bohatyr ( Heroine . . hero , not heroin ... haha) . I guess some 10 - 15 czech microbrewries took part , like Brewery Coutryard Zvikov, Famiyl Brewery Velky Rybnik (Watersprite) , local Kocour , of course with their excellent EPA (English Pale Ale ) Samurai ...... you can see there few shops with foreign beers (from Scotland, England , Belgium, The States) .... .... generaly : event was very succesfull and good, and I am sure I will see you there in 2011 !! Positives were much bigger than its negatives (bad singning and direction to event !) . Refreshement was great .... grilled sausages, meat , potatoes, simple and tasty bread slices with lard and pork cracklings !! .... food in brewery pub was decent and tasty (goulash inside bread for 75 CZK , beef goulash with fair amount of meat and 4 czech dumplings for 75 CZK (Czech Crowns) .. glass of beer around 30 CZK. .... glass cleaning station ready ..... all simple and good !!! And that I like ...... everybody knows criticise , but few know to act and do something . I am happy for such a beer events . Thanks Jan again , thanks to all organisers, .... and if you are near Varnsdorf City ( .... in english and german too) ... do not hesitate to taste out "Tomcat" .... welcome ! As the
logo of brewery ( is saying : "Tomcat - by little cat hair better beer" ....
Pivovar Kocour - celkový pohled
Kocour Brewery - overview

Browar Brackie - Cieszyn, Polsko
Brackie Brewery - Cieszyn, Poland

Třebonický rukodělný pivovárek
Trebonicky handcrafted brewery

moment z festivalu
a moment at the festival

ve 4 odpoledne bylo již pěkně plno
at 4pm it was already pretty crowded

venkovní občerstvení
outdoor refreshment

zdravím od Kocoura
to the health of the Cat

moment z festivalu
a moment at the festival

varna . Pivovar Kocour
Kocour Brewery's equipment

pípa v restauraci
tap in the restaurant

ukázka domácí plničky lahví
example of a homemade bottle filler

před pivovarem
the brewery

celkový pohled na festival
overall view of the festival

plné petky připravené být koupeny
ready to be purchased

pivovarská hospoda
brewery pub

nashledanou příští rok u Kocoura
see you next year at the Cat

p. Jan Kočka (v černém) v rozhovoru
interview with Mr. Jan Kocka (in black)

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