Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Utah further tightens liquor laws

Zealotry is alive and well in 21st-Century Utah:

Among the proof of the growing restriction on liquor sale and consumption in the state, which is home to Mormons, are:
  • A ban on mini beer kegs beginning Oct. 1,
  • Requirement by 2012 that taps and bartenders must be out of customers’ sight
  • A freeze for 12 months on the issuance of new types of alcohol licenses for dining establishments that serve liquor, wine and full-strength beer in full view of customer.
All new restaurants are also mandated to place a 4-foot high barrier nicknamed the "Zion Curtain" so Mormons will not see liquor being served to and consumed by non-Mormons.

Utah Senate President Michael Waddoups, a Mormon, said the return to strictness was to discourage young residents from drinking because they could be encouraged by the sound of the mixing of alcoholic beverages and the sight of attractive drinks.

Read the whole story at All Headline News.

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