Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bud Light Platinum -- and I thought Miller Clear was dopey

Bud Light Platinum, a 6%-abv-137-calorie monstrosity, is one of the dumbest, most insulting things to come out of any marketing department anywhere.

Lew Bryson rants about this stupidity at Seen Through a Glass. Read it, and despair for the mainstream beer drinker.


Anonymous said...

I work for Budweiser and agree with you 100%. These companies are struggling to find some sort of "hit" b/c their numbers keep declining so dramatically. They had their hay day. It's craft beers turn.

Richard Stueven said...

I have a bottle in my refrigerator now. We'll see soon enough how it tastes.

ltsouljah said...

I got 2, 12 packages and some were fresh, but a lot of them smells like dirty water. I got mad after my friends said, don't buy this stuff any more. & my lady said it tasted like old acid water. She want me to take the others back for my money back. Next time I stay, with the other beers we had.