Sunday, April 24, 2022

Weekend Beers

The weather was kinda crap this weekend, so it seemed like a good idea to drink more beer.

Here are a few more from nearby Lupulin Brewing:

#11005 Lupulin La Flama Blanca is a real tasty, clean, hoppy beer. Citrusy, floral, with a nice bready maltiness.

#11006 Lupulin Straight Hash Homie is a pretty typical hazy IPA. Thick, slick, and fizzy.

And finally, #11007 Lupulin Adult Sophistication is a nice Barleywine, nicely complex and really dangerous at 12.5%abv.

Back at home, we knocked back a few cans on Saturday.

#11008 Toppling Goliath Pompeii is an unusually tasty hazy IPA, hopped with Mosaic. Fruity and citrusy and reasonably well balanced, it's definitely a cousin of pseudoSue. We found the can at Northbound Liquor in Elk River MN.

A lucky find at the Costco in St. Cloud was this can, #11009 Surly Barrel-Aged Darkness 2022, an incredibly tasty complex strong beer,. Its 12% abv is very well hidden. We saved a second can to taste next year.

Three more from Northbound, starting with #11010 Warrior Valkyrie. It's a 5.5% abv Golden Honey Ale. Good beer, a little sweet for me.

I think I tasted the next one during an Omaha Beer Week event a couple years ago, but I must not have written it down. #11011 Stone Fear. Movie. Lions. is not a bad beer, as hazy Double IPAs go. Fruity Pebbles and citrus hops. The beer's name comes from the what3words version of the location of Stone's Richmond VA brewery.

And one more from Warrior, #11012 Warrior Samurai Imperial Red. Big, and yet kinda thin. Huge fruity hops and dark caramel malt. Finishes more balanced than it starts.

It seems like we just made a beer run, and yet the tasting fridge stands empty once more.

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