Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Keg cleaning, and a tour

The whopping huge pile of five-gallon kegs got cleaned today.

Another busload of old-timers came through today. They were a lot more with-it than yesterday's bunch, and splitting the group over two tours made it go a lot more smoothly. Plus I wasn't brewing today.

I didn't manage to get the lines cleaned this week; I'll do it for sure on Monday. In the meantime, I doubt my lines will get as bad as this Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article describes.

Tomorrow: fill kegs, and host another tour group.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

where's yer review section?

dude-went to jacks in fremont last night. . .
ordered the "artichoke dip" appetizer.
the bread they served it with was stale hot dog buns cut diagonally.
what is up with that crap ?
fukkin HOT DOG BUNS ? ? ? and nasty stale ones they couldn't bother to toast at that.

and the volume in the place was hurtful. even tho it was not anywhere near capacity, and none of it was from any tv.

bad food
indifferent server
loud idjits
adequate beer at best . . .
well, at least my company was fun.

go sharks.
love choo