Tuesday, September 25, 2007

These girls are for real

Real women drinking real beer. That's what I like to see. The world needs more of this and fewer "girly beers".

No, your beer goggles are not deceiving you. These really are women supping that traditionally blokey tipple - real ale - at the bar of one of the country’s top real-ale pubs, the White Hart in Shifnal.

And there’s not a flat cap in sight. Apart from the one on the head of the elderly gentleman in the corner, looking on somewhat bemused.

“Mmm. . . it’s nice,” says Emma Hesbrook, 26, from Newport, as she samples a pint of her Hereford Pale Ale.

“To me it’s very similar to lager but more creamy. It’s quite light and sweet - I would definitely have this one again.”

Normally when out on the tiles, Emma’s friend, 19-year-old Kerry Hughes - who also works at Eclipse Hair Studio in Shifnal - would select an alcopop or maybe a vodka. Today she is treating herself to a jar of Exmoor Gold.

Read the entire article at The Shropshire Star.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

good lord and i quote

"During the conversation the girls agree that pints are okay in the right environment but that they would prefer slightly more dainty glasses."

this is why it's good to be american girl!
my guns are what they are from the pint glasses . . .
some times i wish they made them heavier so's i din't have to do so many reps.