Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The ‘craft-style’ appeals to second largest brewer

If you can't beat 'em (keep up with their annual growth), join 'em (fool your customers into thinking they're drinking something they're not). Miller is introducing a new product line: The Miller Lite Craft Brewing Collection.

The Miller Lite Brewing Collection, which will be nationwide by September, features variations on the brewer’s biggest brand: wheat, amber and blonde ale styles, all popular among craft brewers.

Tests in February in four markets — Baltimore, Charlotte, N.C., Minneapolis and San Diego — were so well received the Milwaukee-based unit of SABMiller PLC decided to go national.

The goal, Miller spokesman Julian Green said, is to bank on the popularity of low-calorie Miller Lite to create a new market called “craft-style light.” The collection’s tag line: “Craft Beer. Done Lite.”

This from the same people who want us to believe that a 64-calorie beer can still have flavor. After all, their 96-calorie version is so tasty, ain't it?

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