Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Monday, 28 April 2008: Freiburg im Breisgau

Yesterday: Friedrichshafen

I left Konstanz at 8:21am, so I bought a regular ticket to Singen along with the BW-Single, which isn't valid before 9:00am. Of course, no conductor came through and asked for the Singen ticket. I did get asked for a ticket on the ICE between Basel Bad and Freiburg. The BW-Ticket is no good on the Fernverkehr trains (which I knew), but they didn't throw me off since I was only going Freiburg, the first stop.

Twisty streets don't look so twisty when you're on them, but it's sure easy to go back the way you came without knowing it. I wasted a half-hour wandering around Freiburg before I figured out where I was and gave up looking for Martin's Bräu. Then I found Hausbrauerei Feierling fairly easily. They brew but one style of beer and a seasonal, which they didn't have today. They did, however, serve a real tasty Rindergulasch.

Hausbrauerei Feierling, Freiburg im Breisgau

The brewhouse sits directly behind the downstairs bar

Feierling Inselhopf, an organic unfiltered lager

I was actually ahead of schedule when I left Feierling, so I tried again to find Martin's Bräu. I learned that if you don't know where it is, you'll never be able to find it. It's not actually on Kaiser-Joseph-Straße, but in an alley several blocks south of where Google Maps "approximately" locates it.

Freßgäßle, off Kaiser-Joseph-Straße

When you see this, you're almost there

Martin's brewhouse

Martin's fermentation cellar

Martin's brews three decent beers, and offers an interesting food menu; unfortunately, I was too full to eat.

Martin's beers

I was still ahead of schedule when I arrived at the Bahnhof. I found a Nahverkehr train — one for which my ticket was valid — headed for Basel Bad. When I got there I found that the next available train to Singen was the one I was supposed to take in the first place. So much for being ahead of schedule.

Paris and I had dinner at Casablanca in Konstanz, along with some Dom Kölsch.

Tomorrow: Donaueschingen and Zürich Airport

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