Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Jaipur rumor, debunked

I heard a rumor at a recent beer festival that Jaipur Restaurant & Brew Pub here in Omaha was under new ownership, and that the new owner had plans to close the brewery side of the business.

Jaipur logo

The Jaipur was one of the first Nebraska brewpubs, having opened in 1992, and they serve fine ales alongside their excellent Indian cuisine. It would be a shame to have to cross them off the brewery list, so I went there for lunch today to get the story.

(Try the lamb curry with rice and an IPA.)

The manager said the rumor is "100% false". Brewmaster Al Lunn, who has been at Jaipur for 16 years, laughed and said that he had no plans to leave the brewery. Both were surprised to hear such a thing, and assured me that brewing will continue at The Jaipur.

That's good news.

Jaipur building

The Jaipur is located at 10922 Elm Street in the Rockbrook Village.

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