Monday, January 4, 2010

Apple users having problems?

I don't have an Apple machine to do site testing, so if any Apple users out there can help, I'll be very grateful.

I tried to go to the beerme site tonight and couldn't load it using my usual browser, Camino 1.6.10. As background, my iPod Touch using Safari loads the site just fine. But my Mac laptop, with OS 10.3.9., accepting all cookies, java applets enabled, etc, can't load it.

The Nebraska Brewing banner ad at the top of the page never loads, and Camino continually consumes about 65% of the processor, never falling back to its usual 5% or so. I think it keeps trying to load the banner ad, but it can't ever finish the task.

I tried using Safari 1.3.2 (v312.6), which loaded the site, including the Nebraska Brewing banner ad, but it again used 60% of the processor endlessly, until I went to a completely different website, then came back to beerme. But then Safari then crashed twice when I tried to click on links. Hmm, unusable again.

I believe it is an issue of support for legacy devices such as mine. Can you configure the site so that Explorer 8 graphics are accessible to old Macs like mine? I hope you can tweak it so I can use beerme. I was able to use the beerme blog, by selecting it on the Google search, instead of the main beerme site.

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choo said...

All is well here
OS 10.4.1
Safari 3.1

loaded like it was the only thing on the box . . .

tried Opera (9.63) just fer kix -
good to go!