Monday, January 11, 2010

Eureka Quake Update

Courtesy of Mario at Brewed for Thought:

This weekend a big one hit the Northern California coast. The epicenter was located near Ferndale, CA. The lost coast region is home to many craft breweries and beer lovers and we want to make sure everyone is doing well.

First things first, the reports coming out of Humboldt County are all sounding great. There have been no deaths reported and only 1 major injury. Power has been restored to nearly all customers and there were no reports of catastrophic structure failure. This is all reassuring news after Northern California’s last brush with a major earthquake in 1989.

With those fears set aside, we can start thinking about the beer. Within the Eureka region there are four craft breweries, Lost Coast Brewing, Mad River, 6 Rivers and Eel River Brewing, located in Ferndale. While I’m still waiting to hear back from everyone, I have heard word from Mad River and Lost Coast.

Dylan Schatz, head brewer at Mad River, described himself as “shaken but not stirred” the night of the quake. Nothing more than a few “boxes leaning” at the Blue Lake Brewery.

Barbara Groom, owner of Lost Coast brewery, says “Everything is fine. We lost a few bottles but all in all we were unscathed.”

Good news all around. I hope to hear more from 6 Rivers and Eel River in the coming days. Eel River’s brewpub just received a major facelift, so let’s hope that all that work didn’t go to waste.

If you have any reports from the Northern California coast, please share them with us as we’re all anxious to hear. Good luck to those living in affected areas and a speedy recovery.

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