Tuesday, September 13, 2011

8 beers Americans no longer drink

OK, "no longer drink" is an exaggeration. But it's surprising how much these eight brands have declined in five short years:

  • Budweiser, down 30% to 18,000,000 barrels

  • Milwaukee's Best Light, down 34% to 1,300,000 barrels

  • Miller Genuine Draft, down 51% to 1,800,000 barrels

  • Old Milwaukee, down 52% to 525,000 barrels

  • Milwakee's Best, down 53% to 925,000 barrels

  • Bud Select, down 60% to 925,000 barrels

  • Michelob Light, down 64% to 525,000 barrels

  • Michelob, down 72% to 175,000 barrels

Budweiser was the best-selling brand in America for some 30 years, until Bud Light supplanted it in 2001. Milwaukee's Best Light, believe it or not, sold 2,100,000 barrels about 12 years ago. Twenty years ago, more than 7,000,000 barrels of MGD was sold, along with 6,000,000 barrels of Old Milwaukee, and 7,000,000 barrels of Milwaukee's Best.

Americans are slowly but increasingly turning to local brews and imports over the old brands. Unfortunately, they're upping their intake of light beers at the same time.

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