Saturday, March 12, 2022

BeerClub Brewing, Mora MN

We paid another visit to BeerClub Brewing yesterday, having stopped there on the way home from the US Hockey Hall of Fame a few months ago. It's a 40-minute drive from home, not bad at all, and they welcome well-behaved dogs inside.

They had five beers on tap that they didn't have the first time around, which is always fun.

#10936 BeerClub Anvil Accident
A Hazy IPA, slick and fizzy, with lots of grapefruit hop flavor and not a whole lot of bitterness. Still, not a bad beer.

#10937 BeerClub Mock Bock
A real tasty clean malty rich Bockbier!

#10938 BeerClub Doppelbock
Of course, you have to follow a Bock with a Doppelbock, especially when they're both this good. Big and malty and dark and very nicely balanced.

#10939 BeerClub Plus Minus Porter
Not a bad beer, with a whopping well-hidden 9% abv, but it has a real big vanilla sweetness that I wasn't too keen on.

#10940 BeerClub Trip Hammer
Finishing the night at the top of the ABV ladder, this Belgian-Style Tripel was really grassy, sweet, fruity. Not Tripel Karmeliet by any means.

All in all, we had a lot of fun and some really good beers. We'll definitely be back!

Tonight: karaoke (and beer) at Aegir Brewing in Elk River MN.

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