Friday, March 18, 2022

My beer fridge is nearly empty

I just finished up the rest of the beers that I brought back from Nebraska last month.

#10945 Avery Night Warden
An excellent barrel-aged Imperial Stout! Deceivingly light in body, but creamy and chewy, with a nice oak character and just a little whiskey.

#10946 Clown Shoes The Storyteller
Real tasty rich complex beer. Hugely malty, nicely roasty, with some oak and whiskey. Aged in WhistlePig Rye barrels.

#10947 Scratchtown The Lord of Ord
This place is in the middle of nowhere the Sandhills of Nebraska, and they've been making tasty beers since they opened in 2013. This one is no exception: chewy and malty and nicely roasty, with just enough alcohol character for balance.

And finally, #10948 Lupulin Barrel-Aged Little Black Rain Cloud
We picked up this bottle at the brewery a little while ago; they had the not-barrel-aged version on tap. It's billed as a Wee Heavy, although at 11.1% abv it might be a bit strong even for that. It's thick and almost still, and packed with sweet dark malt. That's really about it though. I'll open the second bottle next year to see how it matured.

And that's about it; the fridge is empty. Well, except for three Aegir beers. There's a bottle of each from 2021 and 2022, so we can have a little vertical tasting.

Tomorrow, we'll do a lap (or as much as we can manage) around Lake Minnetonka to visit the breweries there!


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