Sunday, July 24, 2022

New Jersey Continues To Be The Armpit of America

I couldn't do better than Breweries in Pennsylvania's headline for this article. If you need a reminder of just how odious New Jersey is, read on.

The passing of this ruling means New Jersey breweries are now limited to the following:

• Hosting only 25 on-site activities per year (Events such as trivia, live music, etc.)

• Host only 52 private parties per year

• Attend only 12 off premises events per year

In addition to the above, this ruling also prohibits breweries from the following:

• Selling coffee on site

• Collaborating/ coordinating with food vendors/trucks

• Selling food or operating a restaurant

• Selling specialty cocktails using malt alcohol

• Offering a free drink to any guest

• Offer Happy Hour pricing

And get this: during the height of COVID, New Jersey allowed breweries to offer free beer to customers to incentivize them to get the vaccine. Now, fourteen months later, it's illegal.

It's obvious that the restaurant lobby has put enough money into the New Jersey State Legislature to buy punitive measures for their competition. It's disgusting that that's allowed to happen, and it could happen to breweries near you as well.

Read the whole story at Breweries in Pennsylvania


Bob Paolino said...

Bad hyperlink for Pennsylvania article.

Bob Paolino said...

Sorry, I was referring to the Breweries in Pennsylvania hyperlink at the bottom of the post. The one at the top is correct.

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