Saturday, January 5, 2008


Here's a nifty tool that displays beer prices around the world. You can contribute to the data by clicking the "Add your city" link next to the map.


Click on the Beerdex image above to get started.


choo said...

pints were 5.50 at buffalo bills last week.
when i asked the server why they raised the prices she said it was because a theatre was being built across the street.

? ? ?

for a pub that's heavy on "specialty" beers, they never seem to have them on tap- yet p l e n t y in bottles. . .
the exact same bottles in my fridge via cost plus at $4.50 a sixer OTD

tell me again why i go there?


yay sharks win at home !

Richard Stueven said...

How come you're hanging out in the East Bay anyhow? Jack's in Fremont, Bill's in sure get around.