Thursday, January 17, 2008


This week hasn't gone according to plan at all. Between Monday's root beer shuffle, this sinus infection I've had all week, and my achin' back, I didn't get any brewing done. Plus I used up all of my Dark Chocolate Malt in the Empress of Darkness, so I wouldn't have been able to brew the Bugeater Brown Ale anyway.

Instead, I filled kegs and did some paperwork. Jim at Empyrean Brewing said he could loan me some Dark Chocolate Malt; I'll pick it up on Friday at the Winterfest Ales & Auction in Lincoln.

So next week looks something like this:

  • Monday: Clean the draft lines, Brew the Brown Ale

  • Wednesday: Brew the Hefeweizen

  • Thursday: Clean and fill kegs


Rooster J. Kent said...

new beer:

Richard Stueven said...

Thanks for the tip. If you have more information that isn't contained in those press releases, please send them to me via this link: