Monday, January 14, 2008

The kegs go out

So those twenty half-barrels of root beer I filled up over the weekend? The driver called this morning and said he was on his way to pick up the twenty five-gallon kegs they had ordered. I checked the order form, and sure enough, that's what they ordered. I spent an hour filling twenty five-gallon kegs before he arrived.

Fortunately, my customer in Council Bluffs just ordered six of the half-barrels, which I'll deliver tomorrow, and my customer in Grand Island ordered two more, which they'll pick up next Monday.

But it's still a lot of root beer.

But it's still a lot of root beer.

Tomorrow's scheduled Bugeater Brown Ale brew is rescheduled for Thursday.


choo said...

i'll take a keg or two . . .
can you have it here by happy hour?

choo said...


wait a minnit . . .

this wasn't here before.
(seriously, i don't need any more help thinkin i'm losin my mind-so quittit!)