Thursday, January 3, 2008

The routine resumes

The holidays are past — not a moment too soon — and it's back to the grind, such as it is. The Empress of Darkness is bubbling massively away, and I had to hose the yeast and foam off the fermenter room floor this morning.

The Propeller Amber Lager was tasting fairly nasty yesterday. This morning, I replaced a wall bracket in the draft line, changing it from a Y connection to a straight-through. Since we don't use one side of the Y, mold can build up there and foul the beer. It tastes better now than it did yesterday, but it's still off. I might dump this keg tomorrow and fill a fresh one to see if there's any difference.

I cleaned a whole pile of kegs, and filled a few for the pub.

Finally, I came up with a List of Things to Do in the Very Near Future:

  • Order yeast

  • Monday 1/14: Brew Bugeater Brown Ale

  • Wednesday 1/16: Brew Tin Lizzie Hefeweizen

  • Get sugar

  • Make root beer (lots of root beer)

  • Replace the rest of the wall brackets

  • Find hops

  • Tuesday 1/8: Keg off the Brown

  • Tuesday 1/8: Clean, sanitize, and pressurize bright tanks 4 and 6

  • Monday 1/7: Transfer Uncle Ivan's Dunkelweizen

I'll post the specifics on the calendar tonight or tomorrow.


choo said...

hmmm. sceond week in -
there doesn't seem to be too many lines crossing out here . . .

go sharks !

Richard Stueven said...

OK, more cross-outing is done. Better?

Go indeed!