Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More new beers at home

Our latest Liquid Solutions order arrived today!

I'll post the tasting notes as we work our way through the bottles.


choo said...

no blueberry orange blossom pumpkin mango wheat?

Richard Stueven said...

Damn! They were all out of blueberry orange blossom pumpkin mango wheat. Maybe next time.

choo said...

it happens i have a couple spare bottles...
shall i send 'em yer way?

along with a fresh lemon or two, perhaps?

King Boo said...

Nice list. Too bad you have to order online though. A new bottle shop opened up recently near us called the Malt and Vine:

It's nice to not have to pay for the shipping! If you are ever in the Seattle area you'll have to check them out. Also if you are interested in doing regional beer trades let me know. I just set up one with someone in MI so I could get Two Bells and Founders. I only ask because I see you ordered two from Lazy Boy and they have a delicious porter and Belgian styles out right now too that Liquid Solutions isn't carrying. Just email if you are interested in setting up a trade system.

Richard Stueven said...

I agree, King Boo: it's nice not to have to pay for shipping. There's a store in Omaha (Beertopia) where I go every couple of weeks to stock up. Beertopia's selection doesn't overlap much with Liquid Solutions, so I buy from both of them to get the best variety. Otherwise, good beer is hard to come by here in Nebraska!

have fun