Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Madison, Wis. Tops Google Searches for Beer

Like damn near everywhere in Wisconsin, you can't spit without hitting a bar in Madison. Sounds like these people need to get off the Internet and onto State Street!

Madison, Wis. is looking for beer, according to Google. The “Google Trends” tool shows the capital city uses the search engine to find beer more than any other city.

The complete Top 10 List:

  1. Madison, Wisconsin

  2. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  3. Boston, Massachusetts

  4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  5. St. Louis, Missouri

  6. Minneapolis, Minnesota

  7. Denver, Colorado

  8. Austin, Texas

  9. New York, New York

  10. Toronto, Ontario

Australia is the #1 beer-searching country, and as far as languages go, Irish leads the way.

Read the entire (very short) article at MyFox Twin Cities.

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