Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Uncle Ivan's Dunkelweizen

Finally, a chance to make some Real Beer again! (I'm so sick of root beer I could puke already.) Today's brew is five barrels or so of Uncle Ivan's Dunkelweizen. This beer was surprisingly popular when it was on tap a year and a half ago, and I've received several requests this week to bring it back.

I decided to brew five barrels instead of the usual seven because I had given some of the yeast to Adam Daake of Platte Valley Brewing. Besides, we'll go through five barrels faster than seven. The problem is, with this particular mash tun, a brewlength less than seven barrels doesn't sparge as efficiently as it could. So instead of 14.5°P, I got 12.5°P; not bad, considering.

Tom Kus, growler-collector extraordinaire, stopped by this morning to buy a couple of growlers. Gottberg was one of some eighty breweries he's visiting on this trip.

While the wort was post-whirlpool-settling, a group of about 15 seniors came through for a brewery tour. Once they were gone, the beer got to make its way to the fermenter.

Got a note from the Norfolk wholesaler saying they had forgotten to order ten half-barrels of root beer. So I'll be filling those tomorrow and delivering them on Friday.

Tomorrow: clean and fill kegs for the pub and the wholesalers, along with some retail orders. Also catch up on some phone calls.

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