Saturday, May 5, 2007

Root beer, Tour, Kegs, Malt

I'm still staying ahead of the root beer orders during this busy month. To keep staying ahead, I had to make another 28 barrels (868 gallons) of the stuff today. Fortunately, my dad stopped by and was able to lend a hand.

A first-grade class from a local elementary school got a tour of the "root beer factory" this morning. They were remarkably well-behaved and attentive, especially after I told them I'd wrap them in duct tape and leave them in the cellar if they got out of line.

The Grand Island wholesaler added some root beer kegs to his order for next Monday, so I filled them this afternoon.

Just as my dad and I were sitting down for some beers and lunch, I got a call saying my latest shipment of malt had arrived, and that I needed to go pick it up. That wasted more than one hour of my drinking time, but at least I have the ingredients for a new batch of the much-requested Uncle Ivan's Dunkelweizen. (One of the requests came from Uncle Ivan himself.)

Next Monday: clean the draft lines and figure out next week's schedule. I'll fill kegs and deliver them to Norfolk on Tuesday, and I'll probably brew the Dunkelweizen on Wednesday.

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