Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bodensee, here we come

I'm making plans for my upcoming return to Konstanz, February 24 through March 2. This will be my third trip to the Bodensee, the first being in October 2006, and the second two months later.

I've already visited most of the reasonably-easy-to-reach breweries in the area, but if you've got any "don't-miss" tips for finding beer in southern Baden-Württemberg, northern Switzerland, and extreme western Austria, please pass them along!

[Edit 2008-2-17] I've come up with a tentative brewery tour:

We'll probably visit TurbinenBräu in Zürich on Saturday, March 1. Of course it's all subject to change, as usual.

[Edit 2008-02-18] I've created a Google Earth map for this trip. The red targets mark the breweries I'm planning to visit, the white flags mark breweries I've already visited, and the pushpins mark the breweries that will have to wait for another trip.

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Anonymous said...

tenga diversión
caja fuerte del recorrido mi amigo -
¿le necesito aquí el mes próximo, eh?