Monday, February 4, 2008

My filter resumes hating me

Almost a year to the day since the last time, the beer filter started spewing beer all over the floor as I was filtering the Bugeater Brown Ale last Thursday.

I took it apart this morning, and sure enough, the seal is all busted up. So I called Scott Laboratories to order a new one. Maybe I'll have better luck putting it in this time.

Rest of today: Clean the draft lines, do the monthly taxes, make up a schedule for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow: I'll be at the Governor’s Agri/Eco-Tourism Workshop in North Platte.

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Anonymous said...

i still love you

Richard Stueven said...


You're gonna love me even more, 'cause I got yer ticket for the 3/21 Sharks-Ducks game.

Anonymous said...

i think if i loved you any more, Paris would turn me into a toad.